As a minister, your mission is to have your message reach as many people as possible.  With today’s technology, there are many ways to do this, but non equivalent to Mobile Sermon.  By utilizing Mobile Sermon, you are taking advantage of the most convenient method in directly reaching millions of people instantaneously.  The purpose of your message is to directly affect your audience as effectively as possible.  Who doesn’t need an inspirational thought throughout their day?  There’s no more direct and convenient than an SMS message.  Comprehension is only as thorough as the clarity and reoccurrences of the message, Daily SMS sermons will lead to a more elaborate understanding, resulting in a clearer image of ones spirituality. 

There are over 230 million wireless subscribers creating a large audience waiting to hear your message.  People rarely leave their homes without their mobile phones creating a reliable device to deliver your thoughts with near certainty it will be read with 1 minute of its delivery.  Your messages will be available in the palm of your constituent, just moments after you sent your message, creating a real time delivery.  No longer does your message stop at your exit doors or email inboxes, but has the ability to span across the country more effectively.  Your message will sent as a SMS message directly to the mobile phone of the subscriber all in one push of a button.   The message will be delivered in real time, available as soon as you provide it.  There are multiple times throughout the day someone may feel down and out and truly feel the desire to hear a positive word.  With your sermon sent directly to their phone it creates a more personal message, more relatable and understandable. 


how does it work?